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While praying on the morning of November 24, 1983, in a vision Brother Sadhu saw the words,"NEPAL, GO PREACH." As he waited further on the Lord God, the Lord Jesus spoke saying,"Prepare My Nepalese bride for My coming." This command propeled Brother Sadhu to launch an outreach to the mystical kingdom of Nepal where a strange fusion of Hinduism and Buddhism coexist harmoniously.

Brother Sadhu first went to Nepal in September 1986. From then onwards, he has been reaching out to the millions of Nepalese people living in Nepal, India and Bhutan. Thousands have been saved into the kingdom of God, baptised with the Holy Spirit and healed by the power of God of various sicknesses and diseases.

Since September 1986, an active outreach to the Nepalese people includes :-
Evangelistic Campaigns (Good News Festival), Revival Meetings, Believers Conventions, Youth Campmeetings (Himalayas Youth Campmeeting), Women's Conferences (Arise Deborah Women Conference), Books and Messages in Audio and Video tapes.

The Nepalese believers are edified and fed on the solid meat of the word of God. Many even accept God's call to yield themselves as vessels for the work of the kingdom of God.

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The Himalayas Joshua Camp Meeting ‘05

The theme for this year’s Camp Meeting was “All Things New .” In many respects this was indeed a new kind of experience for us all—the young people and those of us who were involved in the planning and conducting of the meeting.

Though the actual meeting took place from 7th to 12th January 2005 in Kalimpong , West Bengal (India), the physical and spiritual preparation started many months before in the form of intensive prayer and fasting , ongoing conscription of volunteers and staff , and an assortment of administrative tasks. None of us , however, were really prepared to witness what God actually had in store.

In the early morning hours of the 7th January, eager participants started to crowd the registration stalls. Before noon, we were full to capacity : every available seating and boarding was taken. But people were still coming in large numbers and we had neither place for them in the auditorium nor accommodation in the Hostel. More chairs were quickly brought into the auditorium. Later in the evening, more chairs were hired , as many more as could be squeezed in. The aisles were also crowded out. On the next day we had no choice but allow people to sit on the stage too. In none of our previous meetings for the past seven years had we seen teenagers and youth so hungry for God. They were desperate to be in the meeting. Sadly, due to the physical constraints, many latecomers had to be turned away.

Youngsters came from all over the Himalayan region : Sikkim, Darjeeling, Kurseong, Kalimpong, Siliguri, Deoars, and the neighbouring countries of Nepal and Bhutan , and even Bihar. 95% were attending this Camp for the first time.

The exuberant worship of the Joshua singers brought on the presence of God into the auditorium from the very first session. When the Shofar was blown and Sadhuji was welcoming Jesus with the “Khada” (the traditional silk scarf ), the whole atmosphere was suddenly transformed: we could literally feel God moving in our midst!

In the first message, Sadhuji shared the vision of Joshua Camp meeting as God had revealed to him in 1997 : “Touching the whole Himalayan region through young people .” He exhorted the youth to turn to God and several hundred young people got up to do just that—give their lives to God.

On the following day, other servants of God shared anointed messages that brought great edification. Rev. Jose Rocco taught on holiness ; Rev. Jack Yeo spoke on the fatherhood of God ; Rev. Stella Rocco taught people to pray ; and Mr. Sylvanus Tamang spoke about Bethel– the dwelling place of God.

During the ministry of word and worship, conviction fell on the people. They started confessing the sinful lives they were living–their drug and alcohol addiction s, their sexual lusts. Hundreds testified of God setting them free from their bondages that night.

One of the most challenging session s was Ms Amutha’s workshop on “Sex and Purity, ” which dealt frankly and honestly with the issues the young people were facing. Many youngsters openly admitted how God so touched their lives through this workshop.

As like always, the session devoted to praying for the baptism of the Holy Spirit was an especially powerful moment. Hundreds of young people who were prayed over by their fellow participants , led by Sadhuji, received the baptism of Holy Spirit. During the anointing session, the power of God fell on the people. The glory of God was so heavy the people fell all over the place. The Holy Spirit , working through Brother Sadhu , gave numerous personal prophecies to different individuals.

The six power -packed, life -hanging days of Joshua Camp Meeting were a greater fulfillment of what God showed Brother Sadhu in 1997.

The worship team, choreographers , and the ministry team comprising Indian, Australian, US , and Singapore brethren really blessed the people with their hard work and their humble service.

All glory be to God!


“Arise Deborah !” Women Conference ‘05

Deborah , in the Bible , becomes the model of a woman liberated by God to serve Him. In ancient Jewish society, which didn’t even consider a woman worthy of being numbered among the tribes of Israel, Deborah ’s defeat of Cisera broke strong social norms, and she did it with God’s approval.
(Judges 4:1-23).

Many years ago, God gave Sister Amutha Arnasalam a similar vision to set the woman spiritually free to serve God, family , and society and to bind her wounds inflicted by the mistreatment of society down the centuries.

In this year’s Deborah Conference (the fourth) held at Kalimpong, West Bengal (India), we saw this vision come to fruit ion in a greater fashion. From 14th – 16th January, about 350 women from all over the Himalayan region gathered to worship God . They came from different denominations but they came as one woman before God. Sadhu Sundar Selvaraj inaugurated the conference , telling how women are special in God’s eyes and are a unique creation of God in His plan. On that first evening God healed many women of emotional wounds they had been carrying for years.

The next day began with Ms Arnasalam sharing an anointed teaching that women are life-giving people through whom God wants to bring forth life in a dying world. As she concluded her session, she invited people to receive a touch from God. Hundreds of women came forward and there was a powerful visitation of God.

The meeting was also edified by the teaching of Rev. Saroj Rongong, who shared how women take the role of princess and can therefore act on the king’s behalf. She also taught on the significance of prophesying and blessing through our spoken word.

Ms Heather Rex shared an eye -opening lesson on mission. Her message powerfully impacted the people for she herself is a missionary from the U.K. living among the Nepalese people.

Rev. Stella taught on how God looks at women, and why it is important to overcome a poor self-image and self-pity.

One of the most significant features of the conference was the powerful worship led by the Joshua singers. In every session, as women broke out in singing and exuberant dancing before the Lord, Shekinah glory came down on the people, liberating them from the sins, bondages, wounds, hurts, discouragement and fear.

Many women committed their lives to do ministry in whatever capacity God would allow them to function.

All glory be to God!


Well Done! Good Servant

"Andrew" in the Greek language means "manly". This perfectly describes the tall, slim and charming young man called Andrew Karthak. He was one of the closest associates of Sadhu Sundar Selvaraj.

Andrew received his education in Kalimpong. Though he grew up in a godly family, he only accepted the Lord Jesus as his personal savior in 1988 at an evangelistic meeting conducted by Sadhuji. From the moment he gave his life to the Lord, he felt the call of God upon him to serve God. He then joined Jesus Ministries and become Sadhuji's first associate and a dear spiritual son.

He travelled extensively with Sadhuji to the remote places of the Himalayas in India, Nepal and Bhutan. Together, they witnessed Christ to the numerous Tibetan monks and to the common people living in towns and villages. Besides that, he was also involved with the Hyssop Singing Ministry. He travelled with this team to different parts of northern India and reached out to hundreds of people with the love of Christ Jesus through his melodious voice.

In 1992 he went to Singapore to attend a Bible School. There he met his lovely future wife, Amutha Arnasalam. After a brief moment of courtship and with the blessings of their respective families, they were happily married on February 19, 1994.

Andrew suddenly developed a serious infection in his lungs. Though he underwent long treatment both in Singapore and India, his health kept on deterioting. During those darkest period of his life at the hospital in Chennai, India, he never voiced questions about God's love for him and was seen diligently reading the Bible and spending time in prayer and worship. No sign of discouragement was seen on his face while he was struggling for his life. Andrew belongs to the Lord Jesus. He is His to do with as He wills.

In the last week of April 1994, his health greatly improved to the amazement of the doctors. All friends and relatives were very relieved and looked forward to see Andrew and Amutha. But suddenly on 2nd May his health deterioted. Amutha saw clouds of glory hovering above Andrew's body for a few hours. While it was still dark on the morning of May 3rd 1994, Andrew finished his race as he was called home to be with the Lord Jesus. Andrew, in over the several months of illness, never once questioned God, never asked "why me", never said "this is not fair", never breathed a breath of bitterness nor anger. Did Andrew or his beloved wife, Amutha, experienced defeat? No! Because Andrew stayed faithful and true to the Lord until the end. HE WON! Death has no sting, the grave has no victory and cannot hold him (1 Cor 15:55-57)

Andrew's life is a great inspiration and challenge to today's youth. He was an overcomer - victorious and steadfast in his Christian faith to the end. He was an overcoming warrior in his life. Andrew was called, he was chosen and he was found faithful (Rev.17:14). Of him the Lord Jesus will truly say, "Well done, good and faithful servant; you have been faithful over a few things, I will make you ruler over many things. Enter into the joy of your Lord" (Matt. 25:13)


Soreng Prayer Festival 2004

Soreng one of the sub-divisional headquarters of the West district of Sikkim, India. Usually a quiet and sluggish town , Christian music blared from loud speakers and people pour ed in from nearby places and other outlying districts and even from the neighboring state of West Bengal on that special day—the 3 rd of November 2004—for the “Soreng Prayer Festival .”

They had traversed long distances . Some arrived on vehicles . Others walk ed many hours . They had come in person to listen to Sadhu Sundar Selvaraj, a teacher they had come to love and respect as followed the “Healing Love” programme on TV week after week.

From their excite d anticipation, it was evident God was touching people in this region through the TV ministry . For many, it was an opportunity of a lifetime. They could bring their problems and sorrows to God in a meeting where Brother Sadhu , the man of God, would be personally ministered.

As we approached the prayer venue, the evening was strangely qui et . It was 5:30 p.m., and a chilling wind was blowing directly from the Himalayas. When we stepped into the prayer arena, a football field, a heart-warming sight greeted us: hundreds of people, a large number of whom were orthodox Hindus, Buddhists , and animists were already gathered in anticipation of our arrival. They were eagerly waiting to hear from God.

That evening, Brother Sadhu preached that Jesus is the true God . He shared his testimony on how God touched his life while he was still a Hindu. About two hundred people stood up to give their lives to Jesus. For the next two days, Brother Sadhu preached about how God, who is the true light , dispels darkness in our life brought on by sin and Satan. He also told how God can heal bodies scarred by sickness and mend homes torn apart by sin.

Before the prayer for physical healing was conducted, about three hundred people stood up and responded to the invitation to accept Christ in their lives. During prayer, God revealed the specific names and lives of certain individuals. The chains of sickness were broken as the presence of God came down in to the midst of the people.

Numerous people testified of blurred vision restored, of the lame beginning to walk, and of chronic ailments having disappear ed; people completely deaf from birth started to hear for the first time.

We give all glory to God for the mighty works He has done in Soreng. God honoured and blessed the united effort of the churches of Soreng . They had labored day and night , spent months in fasting and prayer , in order to see God touch lives. God heard them. Hallelujah!


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