4-8 July 2018, Washington DC, USA
Washington Prophetic Conference ...Click Here

12-14 July 2018, IL, USA
Live Ready Prophetic Conference 2018 ...Click Here

18-21 July 2018, Accra, GHANA
Prophetic Conference...Click Here

24-26 July, 2018, NIGERIA
International Faith and Prophetic Conference 2018 ...Click Here

27 July - 2 Aug, 2018, NIGERIA
School of the Prophets...Click Here

25-29 July 2018, NIGERIA
Malak Kids Children's Prophetic Camp...Click Here

8-12 August 2018, Lancaster CA, USA
Prophetic Conference...Click Here

13-17 August, Spartanburg, SC, USA
Praise Fest 2018 ...Click Here

22-25 August, Taipei Taiwan
MIDEAN Women Prophetic Conference ...Click Here

20-22 September 2018, Sydney, AUSTRALIA
Come Lord Jesus Prophetic Conference...Click Here

26-28 September, Manila, PHILIPPINES
Feast of the Tabernacle...Click Here

16-18 October 2018, Dar Es Salaam, TANZANIA
Prophetic Conference...Click Here

21-24 October 2018, Arusha, TANZANIA
Midean Women Prophetic Conference...Click Here

16-18 November, Charlotte NC USA
Messiah's Passion
...Click Here

30 November-1 December, Bangkok, THAILAND
Lord Fill Thailand with Your Glory (Num 14:21)
...Click Here

5-8 December, SOUTH AFRICA
Prophetic Conference
...Click Here

12-16 December, CAMEROON
Cameroon Prophetic Conference
...Click Here