Благость Бога в жизни Его народа!

Мы с семьей любим смотреть ваши программы. Бог многому научил нас через эти программы ,мы возросли в нашей вере в Него. Наши дети 11 и 10 лет смотрели передачу Лев и Агнец. Бог работал в их сердцах и они получили крещение Духом Святым. Молитва перестала быть для них скучной. Наши дети молятся и сами получают откровения от Бога.
Также вы прислали нам календарь с обетованием на 2019 год, и Господь даёт нам видеть чудеса Его славы. Мы молились об исцелении нашего девятилетнего сына от сильных болей в желудке,которые мучили его полгода.Во время молитвы он увидел как Господь Иисус Христос подошёл к нему. С того времени боль больше никогда не беспокоила его и он может есть любую пищу. Мы видим много Божьих чудес,даже произносили благословения над неисправными бытовыми приборами ,и они снова работают. Божье присутствие каждый день в нашем доме. Благодаря Богу и вашему служению,наша жизнь изменилась и уже не будет прежней. Слава Богу за всё!


Москва, Россия

Мне очень хотелось знать природу духов, заставляющих людей в Церкви осуждать и критиковать служение других и в себе тоже это критикантство и контроль хотела очистить с Божьей помощью и Бог послал ваш канал! Там ответы на многие вопросы в моем служении и взаимоотношении в семье! Слава Богу за все и за ваш канал. Благословений и долгой жизни ему и всем служащим на нем! Аллилуя! Аминь!
I was longing to know about the nature of spirits, that made people in Churches to judge and criticize other ministers. I was also under the influence of criticism and control and wanted to get rid of it with God's help. And God sent your channel! Got answers for many questions in my ministry and in my family relationships! Glory to God for everything and for your channel. Blessings and long life to the channel and to all those serve in it! Halleluyah! Amen!

Наташа Бернацкая

Уфа, Россия

I just opened the mail and read your reply to my prayer request. I was deeply encouraged and I started crying before I could finish. It was like an outpouring of love from my Father. I know He hears me but when I saw the specific words used, it brought more joy for no one knows the prayers I prayed but the Lord. I appreciate your prayers very much. Thank you Jesus!



I recently read your book ‘Exercise towards Godliness’. I have also read many of your other books including ‘Wait as Eagles’ and I am so glad that I have read it. That is the first time I have come across a book that teaches us how to wait on God. Ever since then, I have started waiting on God with the knowledge you have given in your book. Thank you for sharing your knowledge. It has been a tremendous help and blessing.

Nicole Kian Min


I sent a prayer request for my healing as I had suffered from COVID-19. Although I have recovered from it, it has opened doors for horrible afflictions. I was not able to sleep or rest, and I experienced fear and anxiety, and I also battled with oppression. God has graciously answered your prayers and now I am healed, I am free, I can run, I can eat, and I am glad in the Lord.

Mabel Akinlabi

South Africa

I prayed the prayer that you prayed for me for the prayer request that I had sent and I thank God for the great report that the doctor gave me. I know that it was due to God that I got a good report from the doctor. All Glory to God.

Mae Henson


I am grateful to our precious Jesus Christ for answering my prayers and using you as a humble servant of God. I am blessed and healed in Jesus name. Thank you Jesus Christ for answering my prayers.

Manwana Nkambwa

Maseru, Lesotho

I wrote a prayer request for my deliverance from a few complications that I am experiencing, I did not suffer any complications again after your prayer. My baby and I are healthy and fine. Thank you for the prayers.

Swarna Priya


My husband underwent surgery for a replacement of a disc in the neck. Despite the replacement of a disc in his neck, he had no pain after the surgery. The doctor was surprised on his visit the next day when he asked him if he had any problems or pain and my husband said that there was none at all. He was home after one day. Thanks to God for answering your prayers.

Jennifer Hollen


Thank you for your prayers and for replying to my emails. My Aunt and Uncle have recovered and are well now by the Grace of our Almighty God. All their medical test results came back as normal. Praise be to God. God bless you and the ministry abundantly.



Earlier I requested for prayer to get a new rented house within two months. Now, God has given us a good house in a convenient place with cheaper rent. Thank you very much for your prayers.


Kerala, India

I sent an email regarding my daughter's readmission to her faculty because my daughter was dismissed from the faculty of engineering. She has applied for readmission to the faculty of engineering by sending an appeal letter to the Senate Review Committee. She was very worried that her future progress would be blocked. My daughter got accepted back into the University. It was really a miracle. All glory and honor to the Lord!

Laji Shaji

South Africa

Thank you for your continuous prayer throughout my study in the 10th exam. By God’s grace, I got the victory by getting 447 out of 500. I thank Iyyah for your daily Nalla Irukeengala (All is well). The Lord has been revealing through you in-depth manna especially today, during your message on the healing of Bartimaeus by our Lord Jesus. I'm also blessed by your wisdom on Christmas and also the need for spiritual maturation—as opposed to spiritual blindness and dumbness. It is so special for us.

A. Sam Immanueal

Tirunelveli, India

I never mentioned sorrow in my prayer request but you picked up my emotion of sorrow and broken heart when you replied to my prayer request. I am a single mom and my son, Evan Sun, is grieving me a lot by saying disrespectful words towards me. The example you used in your letter in Luke 7:11-15 is almost my situation. Thanks for the answered prayer.

Jean Fu Calgary

Alberta, Canada

My son was relieved last March 18 for promotion and joined in a new software company . I am very grateful for all your prayers. God removed all obstacles and enabled him to join the company before lockdown. God lifted my son’s salary from Rs. 24000/- to 54,000/-. Great miracle. Thank you for your prayers.

K. Vidyasagar

Karamchedu, India

I was facing a lot of challenges and hurdles in my workplace and I thought I was about to lose my job because my manager was troubling me. However, God fought my battles. I received your reply to my prayer request. I thank the Lord Jesus Christ for giving me this victory. Amen.



Thank you so much for praying for my mom. I sent in a prayer request on behalf of my mom on the 24th of August 2020. It was a prayer for healing. I am happy to say that God has healed my mom. My mom is alive today. Glory be to God! God is using you so much. Your teachings brought me closer to God. Thank you so much and God bless you.

Adaku Ukattah


Sometime ago, I requested a prayer for my family members as they were diagnosed with Covid-19. As I am the only one who can take care of them, I put my trust in God and took care of them. God graciously protected me and healed all my family members as well. Thanks, Brother Sadhu for your precious prayers. All glory to God!

Yenny Djuardi

Jakarta, Indonesia

I am working as a chemistry teacher in a private school. My mother was hospitalized for continuous fever. She was quarantined for five days but is now cured completely and discharged from the hospital. Thank you Jesus and for the prayer team's continuous prayer support.


Trichy, India

My best friend had written a prayer request about me to your ministry on my struggles. After almost 18 years of my life, I have been able to overcome the lust of the eyes and the lust of the flesh. The grace and mercy of God have helped me to overcome this very strong vice in my life.

Krishnarajendra Karanth

Mumbai, India

I was tested positive for Covid-19 and I had sent a prayer request to Jesus Ministries for which you had replied very soon with your prayers. By the grace of God and through your prayer, I've recovered and I’ve also tested negative now. Thank you for the prayer support when I was in need. Love you, Papa.


Hyderabad, India

I am very blessed to receive heavenly revelations from God’s heart through your ministry which are totally in conformity with the Word of God—the Bible. Indeed, I’ve gained deeper knowledge and understanding of the Scripture.

Joyce Nduhiu


I am extremely grateful to God that I came across this ministry. I have been extremely blessed by Prophet Sadhu’s teachings and I pray that the Almighty Father will keep on raising end-time generals all over the world through this ministry. God bless you.

Adenike Adelani


All our family members love to watch your programs. God taught us through your programs. We are growing up in faith towards Him. Our children of 10 and 11 years old saw your program Lion and Lamb and got baptized in Holy Spirit. Prayer is no more a boredom for them. Our children pray and they themselves receive revelations from God.

Also you sent us the calendar with promise for 2019, our Lord makes us see the wonders of His glory. We prayed for our 9-year-old son for his serious disease in stomach, which tormented him for about six months. When we were praying, he saw the Lord Jesus coming to him. After that, the pain left him completely and he never suffered pain again and now he can eat any of his favorite food. We are seeing many wonders of God, even blessings came upon our irreparable household appliances, some of which had started to work again. We experience God's presence in our home everyday. By our God and through your ministry, our lives have been changed for the better and we won’t be like how we were earlier. We give all glory to God.


Moscow, Russia

I was longing to know about the nature of spirits, that made people in Churches to judge and criticize other ministers. I was also under the influence of criticism and control and wanted to get rid of it with God's help. And God sent your channel! Got answers for many questions in my ministry and in my family relationships! Glory to God for everything and for your channel. Blessings and long life to the channel and to all those who serve in it! Hallelujah! Amen!

Natasha Bernadskaya

Ufa, Russia

A few days ago, I had a severe fever and chicken pox. After recovering from that, I got heat boils on my eyes and couldn’t open my eyes for about 2-3 days. In your Nalla Irukingala program, during the communion hour, as I was praying along with you, I was asked to apply the blood of Jesus on my eyes. I did that and the following day, my eyes were opened. It started recovering and now I’m completely healed.


Bangalore, India

I had a pain in my back for some days. As I was watching the Nalla Irukingala program, I took part in the Holy Communion by faith. God healed my backache at that time. Praise be to God!



My husband is an unbeliever. He treated me very badly, so I gave up on God and divorced my husband. Eventually, I started to live a worldly life. Yesterday, when I was watching your video about PREPARE and REPENT, I bowed down to God in repentance and today after the message, you prayed for long suffering and generational curses to be broken. I am sure I’m delivered.


Bangalore, India

The Holy Spirit led me to watch your message on what’s after corona virus. My son Daniel and I prayed the prayer to invite the Lord Jesus into our lives and we took the communion. As you were praying to break bondages and for healing, some pains in different parts of my body left. I want to give glory to God Almighty for His everlasting love.

Nathalie Ewane Ekongolo


I was suffering from pain on my right side below my abdomen relating to the right side testicle issue for quite some time. During the prayer session after the communion, I was relieved from my fears and I was completely healed from that right side pain below the abdomen. I was also convicted of my past sins and I repented.

Damian Pereira

Mumbai, India

A few months back, I wrote to you that my wife was pregnant with our second child and I sought prayers for a safe and normal delivery. On 21st of November , God helped my wife to give birth to a healthy baby through a safe and normal delivery within just 2-3 hours. I thank God for His grace and thank you for your prayers.

Daniel Stanislaus

Houston, TX, USA

Last year I received the promise card which says, “God will make you see the wonders of his glory” and it happened exactly in my life. God did wonders for me. God blessed me with twin baby boys on November 25, 2019. Praise be to my good and wonderful God and my Lord Jesus Christ.

Asha Wilson

Thrissur, Kerala, India

Thank you so much for your message and for praying for me. Thank you for reminding me that God is concerned about my situation and that I should cling to Him more. I am deeply encouraged. While praying, tears were rolling in my eyes; I felt the peace and love of God filling my heart. Your ministry has been a great instrument in my walk with God. The Lord delivered me through your ministry. I am beyond grateful.

Charisse Abriz


I sent a prayer request through email that my mother Mrs. Geetha Alexander recently went through a biopsy procedure to remove a fibroid from her uterus to check whether it was cancer or some other issue. Now, the doctor has told us that there is no problem in the uterus and there is no need for further treatment. Thank God for His immense grace on us.


Tiruppur, India

I've been greatly blessed by your ministry which I came across last year. I was able to experience the love of the Lord Jesus since then like never before. This has completely changed my life because now I know that the relationship with our Lord is what matters above everything else and I pray that the Lord continues to bless this ministry abundantly.


Kenya, Africa

On the 23rd of May 2020, I tested positive for Covid-19. During the Live Prophetic Conference, as I was speaking in tongues, during the last prayer, I felt my left lung was under so much pressure. It felt like someone or something was squeezing the life out of it. I continued praying in tongues as hard as it was and all of a sudden, I felt as if the lung was removed and replaced with a new one and I could breathe normally. I praise God for healing me.

Unathi Mhlauli

South Africa

I had to get my medical checkup done to apply for a working visa. The report stated that I had a very low ferritin level, and also, the haemoglobin level was 75g/L. I was worried about my health and visa application. I called the prayer team and they prayed for me. I felt the presence of God when they prayed. God, by His amazing grace and love, increased my ferritin level from 0 to 19 and the haemoglobin level had been raised from 75 to 89g/L. I applied for my visa with this report; the Lord God Almighty processed my work visa within a week’s time.


New Zealand

I have been suffering from stomach abnormalities for the past two weeks and it has cost me great discomfort. The man of God, Prophet Sadhu, was praying and confessing that the resurrection power of Jesus is coming upon us now and said, “even upon you my daughter with an imbalance in your stomach,” I felt the power of resurrection fall upon me from the top of my head right to my stomach; then, I felt like it was removing some things and my stomach feels normal. I thank God for restoring and healing me.

Phindiwe Lebusho

South Africa

While Bro. Sadhu was talking about Lion of Judah, my sister saw the eyes of the Lion of Judah and she felt like a scroll was kept in her heart. And she experienced all that he said about the Lion of Judah. She was very happy after that. One day, I was feeling down in my spirit and I was watching your message on YouTube. At the end of the program, I felt the filling of the Holy Spirit and I cried uncontrollably. Thank God for relieving me of my distress.

Reena Muthu

Pune, India

I am richly blessed by the ‘Maharishi’ book. There are many rich spiritual things that have blessed me. I believe that I can share the Gospel of the Kingdom more convincingly to others. After reading this book, I decided not to spend time on other things but to meditate properly. I spend around 4 hrs on meditation and the more I meditate, the more my heart is filled with joy and revelation.

Bikram Gurung


I faced a lot of troubles during my 9th grade and I couldn’t clear my exams. I requested your prayer. You prayed and God helped me clear my 9th grade exam. He also helped me to score 84% in my 10th grade exam. Now by His grace, I’ve completed my 11th grade also. I praise the Lord for blessing me. Thank you for your prayers.


Bangalore, India

I wish to thank you and your team for the prayer request which was answered exactly one month after I wrote to you about the choice of hospital. He got GENERAL HOSPITAL, KUALA LUMPUR, the main hospital. At the same time, we also prayed for his coursemate and she too got the appointment in another hospital. I thank you, Sir, for your gesture and sincerity in prayers.



My mom was suffering from some problems in her stomach and due to that, she also had breathing difficulty. So I made a vow that I would share her testimony if she got healed of her problems. By the mercy of God, she was healed. Also, the Lord Jesus Christ helped me to pass the exam which I took in UAE. I thank the Lord for working these miracles in my life.



I am so glad that God enabled me to attend the National Prayer Gathering by the Intercessors for the Philippines. I had a tremendous encounter with God and a memorable experience of learning and growing spiritually as we face challenges and battles of life and knowing that we are on God's winning side with the Lord Jesus as our "Armor of light”!

Edna Lopez


My husband Jeyasudan Savarimuthu had a CT scan in his chest, abdomen, pelvis and whole body bone scan as a follow up for his kidney cancer treatment. There was no new cancer; my husband’s scan report came good. There are no new tumors and the old tumors are shrinking. I praise and thank the Lord for the amazing report. Thank you for your prayer.

Amudha Arul


On the day that I received your email, I instantly felt as if you had come in person to visit and pray for us. It seemed as if we had a miraculous visitation of the love of God which came and removed all the hurt and the pain that we, as a family, have experienced. My husband also received healing , together with both my children. We thank God for all that has happened to us.

Monica Govender

Johannesburg, Africa

Thank you for your obedience to write about the Maharishi. It has greatly impacted my life to know that someone made it into 100% union with Christ in this lifetime. I was especially touched by the communion of the saints and how God wants us to experience the heavenly reality of being part of His family both in heaven and here on earth as we come into this place of oneness through our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

Adam Christina

Shephard, USA

I just want to testify about the Prophetic Conference about Martyrdom. The Word of God spoken at the conference: "Great persecutions are the birth pains for a great harvest of salvation". After hearing this, I felt empowered and strengthened knowing that being persecuted actually produces great results and advancement in the Kingdom of God.

Lilibelle Rustia

Saudi Arabia

I wrote to you to pray for me regarding my married life and my husband who was betraying me over our 13 years of marriage; we even went to a lawyer to file a divorce. But I wrote to you to pray for me and you told me to wait on God. Then after two years, you sent me a word saying God will turn my mourning into joy. God restored our marriage miraculously. If you had not sent me a word encouraging me to wait on God, I would have signed the divorce papers. I thank you with all my heart.

Hepsiba Harikota

Haryana, India

I kept repeating the prayer, which you sent me every day. Then, in a dream I was vomiting out something which looked like rotten intestines and it had maggots around them all; I was surprised at what was inside of me. When I woke up, I was strongly convinced that your prayers had brought out all the things inside me that stank and were very bad. They are now out of my system. I will not stink again. Glory to God for this wonderful deliverance.



As I went for a biopsy of my right breast to test for cancer, I called up Jesus Ministries and sought prayers. By His grace and mercy, I received a call from the hospital that brought the good news that the results were negative; the lesion tested is benign. Besides my own healing, God healed my nephew of GBS. He could not walk or move for two weeks. Miraculously, he was healed and he has recovered.

Tan Fung


The Lord gave me the grace to attend your prophetic conference in South Africa. Your teachings enabled me to have a closer walk with the Lord Jesus. As I was listening to you praying, and prophesying about the Warrior Bride and the heavenly ornaments, in my room, I felt like God was personally clothing me with those heavenly ornaments. I feel the ornaments on my body continually.

Gladys Ndlangamandla

South Africa

I'm 16 years old. I would like to share my testimony. My parents changed my school because I was stressed and unable to breathe properly. Then they took me to a doctor for a check-up. After the check up, the doctors said that I have a hole in my heart and I needed to be treated either by an open heart surgery or a bypass surgery. I sent a prayer request and it helped the bypass surgery to be successful. Now, I am happily attending school.

Blessina Princsy


I had requested to pray for my husband who did not know Jesus. I had already shared my faith with him, but he was not born again; only curious. After sending my prayer request, God gave him a dream where he saw the glory and he is now a believer. All glory to Jesus!

Catherine Pitt

Toulouse, France

As I was depressed to a point that I was thinking of committing suicide, I read the mail which you had written; you had mentioned that I was carrying the Elijah anointing. Then, I heard a voice saying receive! That was how I received my baby boy. To God be the glory.

Winifred Senenge Angwe

Nigeria, Africa

Brother Sadhu I am grateful to God almighty for your life. Ever since l started listening and following the messages the Lord gives you, my life has never been the same. Your spiritual experiences helped increase my faith in the Lord. I am waiting on God for my own spiritual experiences.



I have been and am still blessed in special ways by your deep spiritual programs. For instance, after returning from SOP Nigeria, I was having a few challenges, as a result of exercising my spiritual senses. Then, as I watched "Truly yours”, where Bro. Sadhu taught about the basics of returning to my first love, it really blessed my heart for it was an answer to my immediate challenge that I was pondering on. It also affirmed what was made known to me by the Spirit a few days earlier concerning "Waiting on God".

Otobong David


This is thanks to God, and you, for allowing God to use you as a vessel to reach out to the lost like me. I have been following you on YouTube. I have listened to your messages and joined in prayer when you pray for all participants. I was watching the Tanzanian conference which I had downloaded and I was watching it from my memory stick on our TV. As I sat on the sofa, I didn't kneel down or stand or raise up my hands as I normally do when you pray. I didn’t know what happened but l found myself shaking while I sat on the sofa. Then I began to speak in tongues and I was crying until the end of the conference.
I have watched many videos on YouTube and have never felt like this before. I haven't been to church for a while because of the burden in my heart for today's church, which does not preach Holy Spirit-inspired messages. I felt I should share this with you. Thank you.

Anna Mthunzi

Bulawayo, Zimbabwe

I would like to sincerely thank Bro Sadhu, for interceding through prayer. I have really received the blessings and miracles. We are very much appreciate and are grateful for the response from your ministry. The prayer that you have sent via email is powerful to all of the members of our family. When I received it, I bowed down on my knees and prayed the same prayer that you had prayed. After that, I have experienced peace in my troubled heart, mind, and soul. All glory and honor go to our Heavenly Father through Jesus Christ who enabled you to do this intercession. Glory to our Almighty God of Most High!

Nyuk Jin


I was very much blessed by the strong and encouraging words of the man of God in the program ‘Rise of Joshua Generation’. The things which he said have happened to me also. Many times, Satan has lied to me when I was doing something wrong and I was unable to overcome those things. But today after hearing your message, I came to know why I was not getting victory over those things. Thank you so much for such a blessed program.

Benjamin Lama

Kalimpong, West Bengal

I watched your three-day live conference concerning the New Birth Anointing and the signs of Revelations Chapter 12. When the servant of God prayed, after sharing the word of God, on the very first day of the conference, I placed my phone on the left side of my abdomen where I used to suffer severe pain. The pain I used to feel on that part of my body was gone and there was no more pain. I believe the prayer of the servant of God in the name of Christ Jesus has healed me. I trust you are doing great and your ministry is moving from glory to glory. Hallelujah to the King of glory.

Kingsley Baafi Amponsah


I was suffering from a high fever, and afterwards it became a shivering flu, which literally made me bedridden. I had no one to help me and I was seeking God’s help. I opened YouTube and searched for the latest ‘Healing Love’ program and was praying to God for healing. Whilst Sadhu Iyya was praying, God revealed to me that it is not a physical disease, rather, it was happening due to a specific person. After he prayed, I slept without my knowledge and suddenly, I heard a voice in my heart saying “you are healed”. I woke up and found there was no trace of flu in my body and I am now sleeping happily. Thank you for this wonderful program that helped me to come out of this spiritual and physical sickness during the lonely midnight hour.


Hawaii, USA

We bought a house initially for RM 130,000 under a bank loan. As my father's monthly payment was not consistent, adding up with dues and interest charges, it had already gone up to RM 181,000. I didn’t know what to do as I could not help by applying for other loans. We didn’t want to lose the house, as it is the only asset we have. I asked you to pray that our needs would be met. After receiving your email, I immediately wrote a letter to the Founder of the bank. Less than a week later, we received good news that the Founder had agreed for a discount. Now, everything is settled. Praise God! The officer-in-charge told us that this miracle has never happened before as the Founder of the bank has not approved this much of a discount. Secondly, our house was already in the auction status for 3 years back but God 'held' it. Here, in Malaysian law, once the house is already in the auction status, no matter what, you roll or crawl, you will never get your house. But we have such a faithful God. Thank you so much, Lord Jesus, and thank you also for your fervent prayers.


I wrote to you seeking prayers for my son’s exams, as they are very difficult, considering he is an autistic child. We asked God to transform him miraculously for he was not showing interest in studies even though God has given him a lot of capabilities. We had to ensure he was prepared and if he did not show any interest, it would become very tough and would add on to our anxiety. He kept saying, after studying only a little, that it was enough and he would want to enjoy that rest of the day. However, I want to testify that God answered my request through your prayer. Now my son’s class six results are out and he has secured a good rank with 96.4% aggregate. It was a miracle that my son, with all limitation due to autistic tendencies, had competed with normal children and overtook them. All Glory and Honor be to Him only.

Manoj Kumar KC

Chennai, India

I have requested you to pray for my husband to get a job. I want to let you know that my husband got a job. Thank you so much for praying for us. I can truly see the hand of God in my husband obtaining his job. The burden that was almost crushing us down has been removed. As Prophet Sadhu said, God indeed has done according to His word: Your destroyers and those who laid you waste shall go away from you (Isa 49:17).

Ann Mary Jose

Sharjah, United Arab Emirates

My daughter had food poisoning, which caused vomiting and diarrhea. She went to the clinic and was given tablets, but they did not work. The doctor advised her to be admitted in the hospital. It was found to be a viral infection. Amidst this condition, I asked for prayers for her speedy recovery and a special touch from the Lord by sending a request in the mail. My daughter was healed miraculously; she is fine now by the grace of God. Earlier, I have messaged you to pray for a suitable life partner for her, and she has found a God-fearing life partner and her marriage has been fixed. I give glory to God. I thank you for your prayers for me and my family once again.

Ayah Torey


I have read your book 'Women are Special to God'. After I read it, I found peace within myself as my heart had been burdened with many things. When I read Chapter 4: A Woman's Tear, tears rolled down my cheeks and I found peace. I know my tears never go in vain. Thank you very much for the book. I really feel blessed to find this book.



I got married two years back, but I have not had a child yet. So, I requested prayer for me to receive the blessing of a baby. Thank you for praying for my family. I have experienced a miracle in my life as I am pregnant now. A few months back, I was fully worried about conceiving a baby, but I did not take any medicine for conception. This is the gift which the Lord has given me.


Tamil Nadu, India

Please write to us in detail on how the Lord has blessed you.
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