God's goodness over the lives of His people!

As you prayed for my marriage and family life according to God’s will, God moved miraculously in my marriage. I also requested to give birth to a healthy baby boy. By God's grace, I became pregnant and now have a healthy baby. All glory to God!



“The Spirit Controlled Life” book has changed my life. I have truly been blessed. This book has pinpointed all the struggles that I have been facing in my spiritual life. Thanks be to God for providing you with the revelation on how to overcome these struggles.



We wrote a letter seeking his prayer support for our house to be built, and I got a response back with a promise. Accordingly, we looked to the Lord Jesus and prayed with faith. The Lord fought our battle, and we were able to complete the construction of our house without any hassle. Glory to God!



We wrote a prayer request for my brother and his neuro problem. After that, he has recovered and does not need to return for follow-up unless needed. The neurologist said that his recovery was a miracle! He is talking, walking, eating, and singing, and I led my brother to the Lord over the phone this week. Glory to Jesus!



I wrote a prayer request after our family went through much suffering, pain, torture, and horrible things. There was no one to help us with words of encouragement or could understand the suffering and pain we were going through. Thank you for the precious letter of encouragement and prayers. Praise the Lord!



Jesus Ministries has been an immense blessing to my family. The financial crisis that my family was experiencing has been resolved. My uncle settled my sister’s debts, and he bought my immediate family shop at the expense of the debt. My family has also decided to partner with Jesus Ministries in tithing; it was a miracle. Glory to God!

C. B.,


I had requested prayers; thank you for praying for my husband during our stormy time. By the grace of God and prayers, my husband is good, and to date, he can work by taking chemotherapy tablets. Glory to God!



I was one of the participants of the 3 Days Training School and became one of your students. As you were speaking, my innermost belly was tightening, and both hands were shaking. I was sobbing so hard and felt so weak and needed to rest to regain my strength. I thank the Lord for His unending mercy and grace upon my life.

M. E.,


If it wasn’t for your ministry, I don’t know how I would’ve made it through the last four years, especially today. My soul is encouraged, and I am ready to press toward the mark of the high calling.



My son is studying in the Engineering college, and in his first-semester exam results, he scored 85 percent. Angel TV prayer warriors prayed for my son, and by God’s Grace, he got good marks.



I wrote a prayer request regarding a job, and the Lord blessed me with a full-time job. This is a great miracle. I always wanted to work from home and an HR job with good pay. God gave me more than what I asked for and prayed for.



With the grace of God, I could see you personally and get your blessings. That time I received my healing from (UTI); I was having problems for 10 days at that time, and now I’m free. Since you blessed me, I have found new energy and power in my body. I feel boosted up, and God gave me a revelation about my calling and taught me through His word. I’m blessed and inspired by you and your sermons and your holiness.



The word of God from you has made me give all my life to God and to be among the end-time army of God.



Thank you for the book on ‘The Maharishi of Mt Kailash’. I was led to rededicate my life to the Lord Jesus while reading this book. I am blessed and want to do the work He has for me.


United Kingdom

I was unemployed for three and a half years. Thank you for your prayers; by God's grace, I am blessed with a good job.


New Zealand

Thank you for your prayers which have brought hope, excitement, and faith into my life. Glory to God!


South Africa

I wrote a prayer request for my cousin's sister, who is currently recovering in a hospital. God has been healing and strengthening her from leukemia daily. Thank you for your precious prayers. Glory to God!

H. M. L,


I wrote a prayer request for my healing, and I received your reply. Since then, all my organs have been normal. Glory to God!



Your prayer has been a tremendous comfort and strength to me and my family. Your help was needed and appreciated. Praise the Lord!



God has answered all my prayers. I am greatly blessed by Angel TV and Jesus Ministries and through the foreign conferences that I am watching online through you.



The book ‘Wait as Eagles’ has blessed my soul. Glory to God!

N. C.,


Thank you for your prayers, which brought heavenly and life-changing wisdom, knowledge, understanding, revelations, and blessings into my life. Praise the Lord!

A. H.,


After reading the book "Wait as Eagles," I feel a deeper connection with God and have been blessed. I have also been listening to your teachings on YouTube. Glory to God!

J. B. M,


I sent a prayer request regarding my pregnancy. I was sure this time I wanted a baby girl and was blessed with a beautiful baby girl. I'm so grateful for this baby, I'm so filled with great joy and happiness, and my faith in Christ is multiplied by 1000 times. I had so many complications during pregnancy and delivery, but Christ was with me in that critical situation and saved me.



I sent you my prayer request for The Lord to deliver me from my swollen belly. With tears of joy, I read your answer which strengthened my soul and boosted my faith. Suddenly my stomach started shaking to the core, and four evil spirits violently left my belly one by one. Three other demons left my body in a violent way one by one. Now, I feel that my whole body is very light. Thank God



I completed reading the book "The Maharishi of Kailash" and I am really blessed by the wonderful mysteries and teachings that we received through this book. I thank God for using the life of Sadhuji in these end times to prepare the body of Christ for his second coming. All glory and praise is to our God.


Meghalaya, India

We sent you a prayer request for us to have a baby. The prayers and prophecy you told have come true, we got a baby. Thank you Sadhu Iyya for your prayer.



I sent a prayer request for my daughter's illness, now she is completely healed and delivered. To God be all the glory in Jesus' name. Amen.



I wrote a prayer request regarding a job and Lord blessed me with a job. I thank the Lord for the great blessings He showered over my family. He continues to provide what we need and we lack nothing.



I sent a prayer request regarding the recovery of my daughter. She was suffering from breathlessness and unconsciousness. The next day onwards, after giving my petition she started feeling better and now she is perfectly fine.



Thank you for your prayers. I sent a prayer request to you for the first time that the Lord would help my husband to get a job and the Lord answered it. The Lord is faithful to those who are faithful.



As I wrote my prayer request for healing. I struggled to get even a small breath due to breathing difficulty and I was going through a lot of difficulties due to this sickness. By God's great mercy, after sending the prayer request to Jesus' Ministries, from the next day onwards, I started feeling a lot better and I thank the Lord for healing me.



As we were traveling and returning home, it rained with snow stone. We couldn't drive the car so we stopped the car on the roadside. We heard the sound of snow stone terribly. Suddenly, I remembered Angel TV's promise word and said that word and prayed. Within a few minutes, the rain and snow stone stopped. Then we started to travel and came home safely.


Bangalore, India

I sent a request for prayer for my Father's alcohol addiction. Thank you for your powerful prayer. Now my father is free from alcohol addiction. Hallelujah! After reading “Prayer Secret in the Tabernacle” book. God spoke to me through this so much to get closer to the Lord and thanks for the books.



Thank you so much for sharing the message about Revelation 6 with us! You told us to share what the Lord did for us during the message. When I was on my knees, repenting and in tears, I saw the Lord also kneeling on my left side on the ground, laying His arm around my shoulder, and whispering in my ear: "I am with you".



I sent you a prayer request and received an email with prayers for my job. I got a job in the Australian government, this job is by far the best I have ever done. There was no interview, they just put me on the job training and I'm paid for training as well. Thank you.


South Australia

God has opened up my eyes of understanding to the truths which I didn't know before I started listening to your messages and prophecies. God has provided the money which was pending into my account after I have sowed a seed into your ministry, as He promised through His word. All glory to God. I give thanks to the Lord Almighty.


Assam, India

I have been a partner with this ministry sending offerings on and off for a few years. I have been sending a small amount of 1000/- per month and the Lord spoke to me to send my offerings towards the JM Building fund. I had sent 3000/-
I thank God for guiding me because I am blessed by all the programs on Angel TV. I experienced spiritual growth and encouragement, I also learned to pray, spiritual warfare, and spiritual enlightenment.


Telangana, India

Your books and your teachings changed my life, I follow you on YouTube, and Angel TV, and you said that now is the time when Jesus is coming back soon. You said repent, live righteously, live holy, live blameless, and guide your heart from pride. I’m blessed with your teachings, it’s helping me a lot, and you are helping to lift up my spirit.


Africa Zimbabwe

I want to testify that I had just finished reading the “Waiting On God” Book by Prophet Sadhu and I have really been blessed and my eyes and ears opened to this new realm of understanding. Thanks so much.



Please write to us in detail on how the Lord has blessed you.
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