God's goodness over the lives of His people!

As I wrote my prayer request for healing. I struggled to get even a small breath due to breathing difficulty and I was going through a lot of difficulties due to this sickness. By God's great mercy, after sending the prayer request to Jesus' Ministries, from the next day onwards, I started feeling a lot better and I thank the Lord for healing me.



As we were traveling and returning home, it rained with snow stone. We couldn't drive the car so we stopped the car on the roadside. We heard the sound of snow stone terribly. Suddenly, I remembered Angel TV's promise word and said that word and prayed. Within a few minutes, the rain and snow stone stopped. Then we started to travel and came home safely.


Bangalore, India

I sent a request for prayer for my Father's alcohol addiction. Thank you for your powerful prayer. Now my father is free from alcohol addiction. Hallelujah! After reading “Prayer Secret in the Tabernacle” book. God spoke to me through this so much to get closer to the Lord and thanks for the books.



Thank you so much for sharing the message about Revelation 6 with us! You told us to share what the Lord did for us during the message. When I was on my knees, repenting and in tears, I saw the Lord also kneeling on my left side on the ground, laying His arm around my shoulder, and whispering in my ear: "I am with you".



I sent you a prayer request and received an email with prayers for my job. I got a job in the Australian government, this job is by far the best I have ever done. There was no interview, they just put me on the job training and I'm paid for training as well. Thank you.


South Australia

God has opened up my eyes of understanding to the truths which I didn't know before I started listening to your messages and prophecies. God has provided the money which was pending into my account after I have sowed a seed into your ministry, as He promised through His word. All glory to God. I give thanks to the Lord Almighty.


Assam, India

I was looking for a job and I got an offer with a good salary and an 80 % hike. Thank you for the prayers.


Bangalore, India

I have been very much blessed by your inspired book “Wait As Eagles”. Praise Jesus.



I wrote a prayer request for my daughter’s exam, the results of the Dental Board Exams were released and my daughter passed the exams! Thank you so much for your prayers.



God has heard my prayers and blessed me with twice of everything that I had in my previous job. God has lifted me. Thank you so much for your prayers.



By the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ, I've been healed from the bondage of evil spirits. Thank you so much for your Prayer.



I was suffering from throat cancer when I sent an email to Jesus ministries for prayer, now I am healed without using any medicine. Praise God.



I was greatly blessed by your eBook, I was filled with great joy and peace knowing that my prayers will be answered as long as I follow what this book says on how we should pray. My heart right now is rejoicing in the fact that the Father loves us so much that He revealed these truths to us so we can pray according to His will. I am embracing all the truths that are in the eBook.



I sent you a prayer request, requesting you to pray for my marriage and for my financial needs. By the grace of the Lord, I got married peacefully without any hindrances to a godly person. According to the promised word which you have given me through the reply, it has indeed come to pass though I didn't expect that God will give me a pastor husband who too waited till 44 years for a prayerful life partner to marry. All glory to God Almighty.



I am greatly blessed by your teachings, mentoring, and prayers. I started to know the Lord deeply when I began to listen to you and also when I attended the SOP Nigeria. You taught us at the SOP with passion and love. I believe you, your teachings, and instructions wholeheartedly, and all your prophecies. All that you told us during the SOP Nigeria about what the Lord will be doing in our lives, I received them and believe them.



I requested for prayers for my son and his family who got covid. Thank you for praying for them. They have fully recovered and are back to normal.



I have finished reading 2 books, “Last Days Seven Horns Anointing” and “The Maharishi of Mt.Kailash”. Many thanks to the Holy Spirit for writing this wonderful book.


Madurai, India

I asked to pray for my healing I have been healed by Jesus. My bleeding has stopped now. Jesus has healed me. All glory to Jesus.


Ranchi, India

I have been a partner with this ministry sending offerings on and off for a few years. I have been sending a small amount of 1000/- per month and the Lord spoke to me to send my offerings towards the JM Building fund. I had sent 3000/-
I thank God for guiding me because I am blessed by all the programs on Angel TV. I experienced spiritual growth and encouragement, I also learned to pray, spiritual warfare, and spiritual enlightenment.


Telangana, India

Your books and your teachings changed my life, I follow you on YouTube, and Angel TV, and you said that now is the time when Jesus is coming back soon. You said repent, live righteously, live holy, live blameless, and guide your heart from pride. I’m blessed with your teachings, it’s helping me a lot, and you are helping to lift up my spirit.


Africa Zimbabwe

I want to testify that I had just finished reading the “Waiting On God” Book by Prophet Sadhu and I have really been blessed and my eyes and ears opened to this new realm of understanding. Thanks so much.



I wrote a prayer request for my job and salary and I got a good job and salary which has an unexpected hike. I am so happy that my tithes and my offerings are going to the right place, a good ground. Thanks for your prayers



As I requested to pray for my job and salary, Lord has given me more than I expected. Glory to Jesus.



I am grateful that I get to know Prophet Sadhu, a lot has changed in me especially my own point of view in life. There is much more to learn especially in following the true Living God.



I wrote a prayer request to pray for my increment and I made a commitment that once I got this promotion, Í will increase my monthly giving to Jesus Ministries. I thank the Lord Jesus alone for He gave me a child when I was barren for almost seven years and also gave me a promotion that came on the same day.



I wrote a prayer request for the Lord’s will concerning my marriage and settling down and for every confusion about marriage. Thanks for your prayers and the Lord has done it.



As I wrote my prayer request for a financial breakthrough, you prayed for me and my family for a financial opportunity to open its doors to us. The Lord has given us a new business that is thriving well. Praise the Lord.



Please write to us in detail on how the Lord has blessed you.
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